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Design Tokens Community Group

The Design Tokens W3C Community Group’s (DTCG) goal is to “provide standards upon which products and design tools can rely for sharing stylistic pieces of a design system at scale”.

The Community Group publishes a specification defining how Design Tokens ought to be formatted for cross-tool and cross-platform interoperability.

As of version 4, Style Dictionary has first-class support for the DTCG format.

Convert your tokens to the DTCG format

We provide a tool that converts design tokens from the Style Dictionary v3 JSON format to the DTCG format:

What it does:

  • ✅ Converts value, type and description design token property keys into $value, $type and $description respectively.
  • ✅ Moves $type properties from the uppermost common ancestor token group to individual design tokens

What it does not do (at the moment, suggestions welcome):

  • ⛔ It does not refactor type values commonly used to the DTCG types (for example: "$type": "size" -> "$type": "dimension").

Live demo